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Data Collection, Analysis, and Program Support on Task Basis
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The project goal was to collect and/or analyze data and prepare reports as needed to support DOE's Oil and Natural Gas Environmental Program. 


AchieveIt! Inc. 
Corrales, NM 


DOE supports the development, analysis, and implementation of technology development, economic assessments, and information technology strategies related to oil and gas production, storage, and recovery by numerous State and Federal agencies, as well as oil and gas industry and association partners. DOE seeks performance improvements in the various projects that issue from NETL. Different system efforts are at differing levels of maturity. 

The project provided support in planning activities and analysis of meetings and conferences as requested by DOE. 

The project supported the DOE National Oil and Gas Environmental Program in the identification of mission, vision, long-term goals, and objective strategies and customer base in the following ways:

  • Working with Federal, State, and industry groups to identify and prioritize environmental issues as well as identifying possible approaches for addressing those issues.
  • Attending industry meetings and providing oral feedback on the perception of DOE's program and ideas for projects.
  • Supporting the project by identifying elements of the plan for conducting business in the future; providing detailed analyses of customers and stakeholders; facilitating planning sessions; planning and assessing programs for developing performance measures and metrics to assess attainment of stated goals and objectives, identifying key business processes; business planning for the long term; and implementing development approaches. 

Deliverables varied, depending on the nature of the specific effort, as assigned by DOE. Deliverables, timelines, and performance measures of each assignment are agreed upon by the consultant and DOE. In meetings of stakeholders, the consultant provided a report detailing the needs and priorities identified by the stakeholders and a synopsis of high-priority issues, including background information and a recommended priority for each issue based on an analysis of the various stakeholders' input, potential impact to the industry, and stated program goals.

The tasks broke down as follows: 

Data Collection & Analysis/Regulatory Analysis

  • Conducted literature search and reviews in order to produce a draft discussion of the related environmental impacts and issues.
  • Collected regulatory impact data with regards to Federal lands access/energy discovery and extraction.
  • Collected information regarding other Federally sponsored environmental meetings and symposiums.
  • Collected data and information review on oil shale issues.
  • Conducted technical literature review for environmental and regulatory concerns related to oil shale.

Program Planning & Technical Support

  • Discussed with multiple clients regarding focus, direction, and actions needed for the environmental efforts for the year.
  • Attended multiple meetings with client for strategy, planning, and logistical assessment of the environmental program.
  • Assisted client with scoping and strategic planning aspects of the program.
  • Prepared, participated, and drafted materials for the FERN education initiative (see following related task).
  • Provided support for planning meeting.
  • Participated in meetings and conference calls in support of FERN.

Professional Communication-Federal Energy Resource Network (FERN)

  • Undertook logistics and planning (including arranging for and finalizing facilities, arranging for speakers, preparing agenda, etc.) for FERN meetings (January and July).
  • Attended and facilitated FERN meetings (January and July).
  • Prepared summary materials from FERN meetings (January and July); distributed and updated FERN website.
  • Continued issue research for future FERN activities and meetings.
  • Began planning for next FERN meeting with client.
  • Attended professional meetings with or for client, including an SPE/EPA/DOE Environmental Conference, a GWPC annual policy meeting, and an IOGCC meeting.
  • Contacted other Federal agencies with regard to environmental issues, regulations and impacts. 
Current Status

(January 2006) 
The project was completed in 2005.

This project was funded under a MOBIS contract for small businesses.

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Contact Information

NETL - Rhonda Jacobs ( or 918-699-2037) 
Achievelt - Kim Monti (505-890-0300)