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The University of Pennsylvania, with team members University of South Carolina and FuelCell Energy (FCE), will address two critical problems with solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)—manufacturability and stability—by developing simple, cost-effective processes for manufacturing nanostructured cathodes and unique methods to stabilize the nanostructured cathodes under typical SOFC operating conditions. Team members will conduct fundamental studies of cathode properties and detailed characterization of their structure. The newly-developed cathodes will then be incorporated into industrial-scale cells and their performance validated.

Stabilizing Nanostructured Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode with Atomic Layer Deposition
Principal Investigator
Raymond Gorte
Project Benefits

The approaches developed by the project team will provide increased control over the microstructure of SOFC cathodes and increase their stability. This will increase performance and allow operation at lower temperatures. The practical and scalable synthesis methods developed for commercial-sized cells and stacks will aid in the commercialization of SOFC technology.

Project ID
University of Pennsylvania