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Research Toward Decarbonization to be Showcased at 2024 FECM/NETL Spring R&D Project Review Meeting
Pittsburgh skyline

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home to one of NETL’s campuses, is the host site for the 2024 FECM/NETL Spring R&D Project Review Meeting

NETL will present its research in Gasification Systems, Advanced Energy Materials, Advanced Turbines, Sensors and Controls, Simulation-Based Engineering, University Training and Research and Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, technologies that will help realize a decarbonized economy and power sector, during the 2024 FECM/NETL Spring R&D Project Review Meeting in Pittsburgh April 23-25.

The event will provide a public forum to present the results from more than 90 research projects funded by the Lab in support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) programs.

The 2024 FECM/NETL Spring R&D Project Review Meeting will be held at the Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square and is open to the public. To find out more about the event and register, click here.

“These project review meetings are important because they provide the public with opportunities to see everything that’s being done to address climate change from multiple angles, from making our power plants and industrial facilities more efficient to rethinking how we use America’s abundant energy resources,” said NETL Director Marianne Walck, who will participate in the conference’s opening plenary session on April 23.

Alexandra Hakala, NETL’s acting deputy director & chief research officer, and Bryan Morreale, NETL’s associate laboratory director for research & innovation, will join Walck in participating in the meeting’s plenary session.

NETL is a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory that drives innovation and delivers technological solutions for an environmentally sustainable and prosperous energy future. By leveraging its world-class talent and research facilities, NETL is ensuring affordable, abundant and reliable energy that drives a robust economy and national security, while developing technologies to manage carbon across the full life cycle, enabling environmental sustainability for all Americans.