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The August 2022 edition of the RWFI E-Note Monthly is available now.
RWFI E-Note Monthly: A One-Stop for Federal Funding Opportunities and More

Check out the August 2022 edition of RWFI E-Note Monthly to learn how to engage with NETL and other federal agencies in collaborative development efforts to prepare workers for high-tech jobs in energy-related fields and to meet the growing demand for a diverse and highly skilled workforce.

This latest edition includes information about workforce funding opportunities from the National Science Foundation; the Department of the Navy; the Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service; the Department of Energy; the Department of Labor, Employment, Labor and Training; the Department of Agriculture; and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Other articles featured in RWFI E-Note Monthly explore how:

  • NETL developed and deployed a web-based platform to connect entities that generate carbon dioxide (CO2) with the technologies and commercial sectors that can help those entities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • NETL research on hydrogen production, transportation, storage and use is playing a critical role in putting hydrogen on the front lines of efforts to attain net-zero carbon emission goals in the power sector by 2035 and in the broader economy by 2050, while meeting DOE’s Hydrogen Shot goal of $1 per 1 kilogram in one decade.
  • Organizations, institutions of higher education and governments from more than 90 nations are turning to a user-friendly, yet sophisticated tool developed by a team of NETL researchers to estimate the feasibility of storing captured CO2 in underground geological environments.

Previous editions of RWFI E-Note Monthly can be found in the newsletter’s online archive. Chick here for more information about the NETL Regional Workforce Initiative.