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Molten metal being taken out of a press using large plyers.
NETL to Share Alloy Expertise at Metallurgical Conference

NETL researchers will exhibit and take part in technical sessions at the 2022 Liquid Metal Processing and Casting Conference (LMPC), held Sept. 18-21, 2022, at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia. The conference convenes academic and industry experts to discuss the latest advances in processes used to cast large ingots of highly alloyed metals.

NETL’s advanced alloy development research employs an integrated approach that leverages computational materials engineering, manufacturing at scale and performance assessment at condition to develop alloys solutions enabling advanced technologies.

The Lab has demonstrated and deployed alloys with improved performance capabilities for energy applications, aerospace, defense and bio-medical applications. NETL has also implemented technologies to improve melting and casting practices, and some of these advancements will be featured during the conference’s technical sessions.

During the sessions devoted to showcasing breakthroughs in electroslag refining, a technique used to make high-quality ingots of complex chemistries, NETL researchers Paul Jablonski and Martin Detrois will share their latest research with the gathered metallurgical community. Their presentations will include insights on electroslag remelting startup and operation and an investigation of Nitinol, an alloy made of nickel and titanium that can be used to make surgical instruments and stents.

“LMPC 2022 will provide NETL with a chance to both share our expertise and learn about cutting-edge melt processing techniques,” said David Alman, associate director of NETL’s Materials Engineering and Manufacturing directorate. “Paul and Martin have decades of materials expertise, and their presentations will help to enrich the breadth of research on display at the conference.”

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