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For NETL, 2021 Ends on a High Note

Director’s Corner

by Brian Anderson, Ph.D.

Throughout 2021, NETL researchers applied their talent and expertise toward technology solutions needed to meet the clean energy goals calling for net-zero carbon emissions in the electricity sector by 2035 and economy-wide net-zero emissions by 2050. 

I’m pleased to share with you some examples of the many successes resulting from our work toward enabling a sustainable transition to a net-zero carbon economy. 

Throughout December, check our website and social media for a few featured highlights from 2021 in the areas of: 

  • Geological and Environmental Systems — including research to tackle the challenges of clean energy production by focusing on the behavior of natural systems at both the Earth’s surface and deep within the subsurface.
  • Strategic Systems Analysis and Engineering — including development of advanced models that combine a wide variety of research disciplines to address challenges involved with the discovery, design and operation of modern energy systems.
  • Energy Conversion Engineering — including research using microwaves to unearth the potential of several materials of interest and understand what will comprise the advanced energy systems of tomorrow. 

As we look forward to a new year, our NETL team will continue to work hard to ensure affordable, abundant and reliable energy that drives a robust economy and national security, while developing technologies to manage carbon across the full life cycle and enabling environmental sustainability for all Americans.