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Extended Performance Handheld Sensor for Remote Detection of Natural Gas Leaks David Green, Mickey Frish, Rick Wainner, Mark Allen Physical Sciences Inc. Graham Midgley – Heath Consultants Inc. Natural Gas Delivery Reliability Kick-off Meeting December 5, 2002 National Energy Technology Laboratory Morgantown, West Virginia Extended Performance Handheld Sensors for Remote Detection of Natural Gas Leaks - Objective • Physical Sciences Inc. and Heath Consultants have previously developed a walking survey tool for natural gas distribution networks (RMLD) • Performance optimized for quasi-stationary surveys of residences • Objective of Cooperative Phased Research Agreement is to extend function and capabilities based on: – community needs – market assessment • Consider mobile application, greater range or sensitivity, improved detection thresholds, atmospheric compensation • Recommend extended performance RMLD concept to NETL • Fabricate and demonstrate enhanced performance sensor in laboratory