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Final Report Demonstration of a Novel, Integrated, MultiScale Procedure for High-Resolution 3D Reservoir Characterization and Improved CO2- EOR/Sequestration Management, SACROC Unit Performed by: Scott R. Reeves Advanced Resources International, Inc. 11490 Westheimer Rd., Suite 520 Houston, TX 77077 Prepared for: U.S. Department of Energy DE-FC26-04NT15514 March, 2008 Executive Summary The primary goal of this project was to demonstrate a new and novel approach for high resolution, 3D reservoir characterization that can enable better management of CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects and, looking to the future, carbon sequestration projects. The approach adopted has been the subject of previous research by the DOE and others, and relies primarily upon data-mining and advanced pattern recognition approaches. This approach honors all reservoir characterization data collected, but accepts that our understanding of how these measurements relate to the information of most interest, such as how porosity and permeability vary over a reservoir volume, is imperfect.