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Technology Assessment of On-Line Acoustic Monitoring for Leaks/Infringements in Underground Natural Gas Transmission Lines By: John L. Loth , Gary J. Morris, (Mike) George M. Palmer and graduate students: Richard Guiler and Deepak Mehra West Virginia University Task 3 for DOE Contract DE-FC26-02NT413424 Monitor: Daniel Driscoll, NETL Morgantown, WV, USA January 5, 2003 Index Page I. Introduction 2 A. Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines 2 B. Third Party Damage 2 C. Leak Characterization 3 II. Non-Acoustic Leak or Damage Detection Techniques 5 A. Analysis with Transient Flow Modeling 5 B. Human Monitoring-Sound, Smell and Visual 6 C. Chemical Emission Monitoring 6 D. Fiber Optic Strain or Conductive Coating Integrity Monitoring 6 E. Pigging 8