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Appendix A Bullfrog 5-12 Core Report TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 2 OPERATIONS  2 CORE PROCESSING AND ORIENTATION  2 VERTICAL CORE TIE 3 AZIMUTHAL CORE TIE 5 CORE FRACTURE DESCRIPTION 10 FABRIC DATA COMPILATION  12 FIGURES Fig. A-1 Core gamma log and porosity log comparison  4 Fig. A-2. Fracture and associated concave down parabola  5 Fig. A-3. Prominent fracture in the FMI   6 Fig. A-4. Vug-like patches of crystal on external face of core 8 Fig. A-5. Core penetration and core gamma logs   9 Fig. A-6. Coring induced petal fracture at 17,818’ MD  11 PANELS A-1. Log Data Montage A-2. Core to FMI tie A-3. First Frontier IP 9.8 MMCFD Contract DE-RA26-99FT40720 March 2006 Final Report Appendix A-1