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GasTIPS TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTS IN NATURAL GAS EXPLORATION, PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING A Publication of Gas Technology Institute, the U.S. Department of Energy and Hart Energy Publishing, LP Assessing Technology Needs of “Sub-Economic” Natural Gas Resources: Phase II—the Anadarko and Uinta Basins Demand for natural gas in the United States continues to grow and is predicted to exceed 30 Tcf/year by the year 2025, an increase of 25% over current demand. Better Characterization of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs To reduce the time and cost of reservoir characterization, identify key parameters that affect production and streamline the characterization workflow to focus on those parameters. An Integrated 3-D Seismic Fracture Interpretation Methodology for Tight Gas Reservoirs GeoSpectrum, Inc. conducted a tight gas exploration and development study in which a 3-D seismic interpretation method for fractured sandstone reservoirs was established. Program Planning and Field Operations Protocols for Coalbed Methane and Shale Gas Reservoirs in Canada Lessons learned in U.S. and Australian production of gas from coalbeds and shale formations can be used to optimize such operations in Canadian formations of the same kind. Unconventional Gas: Reserve Opportunities and Technology Needs Huge resources are awaiting step-change improvements in technology. This is the final in a threepart series. Preventing Annular Flow After Cementing in the Shallow Gulf of Mexico Cement pulsation can effectively prevent gas flow in the annulus after cementing. This case study focuses on its use in a well in the shallow Gulf of Mexico. Decision Tools for Natural Gas Industry Planners: Part 1—The Produced Water Management Handbook Gas Technologies Institute and B.C. Technologies, Ltd. have developed several informational products to help energy planners, regulators and producers develop effective and economical strategies for treating and managing produced waters. First of a two-part series.