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Real-time Tracer Monitoring of Reservoir Stimulation Procedures Via Electronic Wireline and Telemetry Data Transmission FINAL REPORT Starting June 2, 1999 Ending June 30, 2004 AUTHOR GEORGE L. SCOTT III January 2005 DE-FC26-99FT40129 ABSTRACT: REPORT Realtimezone- George Scott III DE-FC26-99FT40129 Finalized Phase 2-3 project work has field-proven two separate real-time reservoir processes that were codeveloped via funding by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). Both technologies are presently patented in the United States and select foreign markets; a downhole-commingled reservoir stimulation procedure and a real-time tracer-logged fracturing diagnostic system. Phase 2 and early Phase 3 project work included the research, development and well testing of a U.S. patented gamma tracer fracturing diagnostic system. This stimulation logging process was successfully field-demonstrated; realtime tracer measurement of fracture height while fracturing was accomplished and proven technically possible. However, after the initial well tests, there were several licensing issues that developed between service providers that restricted and minimized Realtimezone’s (RTZ) ability to field-test the real-time gamma diagnostic system as was originally outlined for this project.

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