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Advanced High-Pressure Coiled-Tubing Drilling System Final Report April 1, 2001 to December 21, 2004 by John H. Cohen Greg Deskins June 2005 DE-FC26-97FT33063 Maurer Technology Inc. 13135 South Dairy Ashford, Suite 800 Sugar Land, TX 77478 Abstract The majority of time and cost in drilling a gas or oil well is consumed by the actual drilling process (“turning to the right”). The most effective approach to significantly reduce costs of drilling wells is to increase penetration rates. Researchers have for many years investigated means to drill rock faster, and jet-assisted drilling is one method that has been considered several times. In most cases it was found that, while jet-assisted drilling was very effective in increasing penetration rates, the implementation cost was too high because special equipment and pumps were required. Research has shown that most formations can be drilled significantly faster and that well depth is not a significant factor in the results.