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National Energy Technology Laboratory Strategic Center For Natural Gas (SCNG) Acoustic Detecting and Locating Gas Pipe Line Infringement Final Contract Report Reporting Start Date: July 5, 2002 Reporting End Date: December 31, 2004 Principle Authors: John L. Loth (304) 293-4111 ext 2343 Gary J. Morris ext 2342 (Mike) George M. Palmer ext 2342 and Research Assistants: Richard Guiler ext 2342 Patrick Browning ext 2342 Issue Date: December 2004 DOE Award Number: DE-FC26-02NT41324 Submitting Organization: West Virginia University Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering G-70 Engineering Sciences Building P.O. Box 6106, Evansdale Drive Morgantown, WV 26506 SCNG Contact: Daniel J. Driscoll (304) 285-4717 Industrial Contact: Gregory May (304) 627-3454 Dominion Transmission, Inc Clarksburg, WV 26301

FG123104_1.pdf (4.04 MB)