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Development of a Remote External Repair Tool for Damaged or Defective Polyethylene (PE) Gas Pipe Kenneth H. Green1 , Willie (Skip) Rochefort, PhD2 , Cheryl Carbone2 , Ken Cramer2 , Kevin Harris2 , John Hunt2 , Lioubov Kabalnova2 , Nick Wannamacher2 ABSTRACT Repair methods for polyethylene gas pipe are being investigated at Timberline Tool and Oregon State University under a cooperative agreement with the Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory. Current repair procedures for polyethylene (PE) gas pipe require excavation, isolation, and removal of the damaged section of pipe followed by fusing a new section of pipe into place. The project will develop a method for repairing damaged PE pipe in situ, eliminating the need for large-scale excavation and replacement of pipe sections. The tool will incorporate heat fusion of a chemical patch to repair small nicks, gouges and punctures and will be operable through keyhole access, as well as more general application environments.