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Natural Gas Technologies 2005 Conference Development of a Remote External Repair Tool for Damaged or Defective Polyethylene (PE) Gas Pipe Presented by Kenneth H. Green, President Timberline Tool Introduction Since incorporating in 1989, Timberline has been developing innovative tools used by natural gas utility operators to maintain and repair PE pipe. In 1999, Timberline began developing tools specificallyfor repairing PE pipe in keyhole situations. Timberline tools are currently being used by natural gas utility operators worldwide. Abstract Remote External Repair Tool for 4-inch PE Gas Pipe External repair methods for PE pipe are being investigated at Timberline Tool and Oregon State University under a cooperative agreement with DOE/NETL. Current repair procedures require multiple excavations, isolation, and removal of the damaged section of pipe followed by fusing a new section of pipe into place. This project will develop a new methodology and tool for externally repairing damage or defects on PE pipe by applying a repair patch over the compromised area. This presentation reviews the initial design and development of the mechanical device and two chemical processes for repairing damaged PE pipe.