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ICERT 2003: ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division and Rail Transportation Division Technical Conference Erie, Pennsylvania, USA September 7-10, 2003 ICEF2003-762 ON-ENGINE DEMONSTRATION OF MICRO-PILOT IGNITION SYSTEM FOR A COOPER-BESSEMER GMV-4TF Jacob A. Brown, John Mizia, Daniel B. Olsen and Bryan D. Willson Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory Colorado State University ABSTRACT This investigation assesses the benefits of retrofitting a diesel micro-pilot ignition system on a Cooper-Bessemer GMV-4TF two-stroke cycle natural gas engine with a 14” (36 cm) bore and a 14” (36 cm) stroke. The pilot fuel injectors are mounted through an adaptor in one of the spark plug holes in a set of dual-spark plug heads. A high pressure, commonrail, diesel fuel delivery system is employed and customizable power electronics control the current signal to the pilot injectors. Pilot fuel is supplied by a variable displacement, high-pressure pump that is driven with an electric motor. Software is developed that interfaces with the pump and controls and monitors the fuel rail pressure.