NRAP Phase II Tools Workshop
September 29, 2021
$0.00 - Free Registration



NRAP Tools for Geologic Carbon Storage Risk-Based Decision Making

The National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) invites you to join us for a half-day virtual NRAP Risk Management Tools Workshop. This workshop is intended to inform interested CCS stakeholders on latest developments in the NRAP risk assessment/risk management toolset, and provide examples to demonstrate the utility of those tools for analyses that help address risk-related questions for geologic carbon storage site characterization, operation, and closure. This workshop will be held in conjunction with the Groundwater Protection Council’s Annual Forum, but is accessible to all interested parties by registration below.


Open-to-the-Public Meeting

This workshop is considered to be an “open- to-the-public” meeting.  All information shared at this meeting has been cleared for public presentation, and has already been published in the public domain or will be made available after the meeting. Discussions and information sharing during or in relation to this meeting should not include material that is considered official use only, proprietary, sensitive, restricted or protected in any way. Please err on the side of caution and avoid discussing materials that you think could meet these criteria.