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Crosscutting Research Program

Are you looking for more information about fossil-based power-generation? Check out some of these other resources.


Download the Presentation here:  

CEATI webinar


DOE, IEA, and Fossil Energy Resources

Sensors and Controls

  • Read about Power Engineering’s take on sensors and controls in power plants here
  • Frost and Sullivan provide their input on sensors and controls and the development of smart grids
  • Read the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) advanced sensors and control report

Water Management R&D

  • In 2018 NETL published the “Water Brief,” examining thermoelectric water usage data and highlights key R&D opportunities throughout the contingent US.
  • Read Industrial Water World’s overview of coal-fired power plant wastewater treatment here
  • DOE explores the challenges of the Water-Energy Nexus here
  • The International Energy Agency (IEA) also provides input on the Water-Energy Nexus

Simulation-Based Engineering

  • The British Institute of Energy Economics provides an overview of uncertainty quantification in models here
  • SimScale has produced a blog that highlights the importance multiphase flow modeling here
  • The University of Dortmund provides an overview to computational fluid dynamics in this presentation

High-Performance Materials

  • Power Magazine evaluated materials for advanced ultrasupercritical coal plants here and a one-page paper on the effects of corrosion can be found here
  • The International Molybdenum Association highlights the effects of superalloys on ultra-supercritical plants here
  • Power Engineering also produced a volume on the effects of ultra-supercritical steam technologies

Energy Storage

  • Sandia National Laboratory has put together an energy storage database here
  • The EIA expanded data on capacity and usage of electricity storage systems in power plants here
  • The Journal of Energy Storage keeps up to date with the latest trends in storage seen here