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The keyword for NETL’s work and innovation is impact. The technologies NETL and its research partners are developing enable fossil fuels to produce clean, reliable and affordable energy to increase domestic manufacturing, invest in improving our nation’s energy infrastructure, improve the reliability and resilience of the electrical grid, and expand domestic energy production — among other benefits.

Together with our colleagues at the Office of Fossil Energy, we plan and execute the nation’s fossil energy research program. Through early-stage transformational and applied energy research, NETL is enabling and accelerating the discovery, development and deployment of affordable energy technologies to the public and ensuring America’s energy security and prosperity.

These 2019 Science & Technology Accomplishments are an outstanding selection of the noteworthy achievements our researchers are generating as we pursue our mission to discover, integrate and mature technology solutions to enhance the nation’s energy foundation and protect the environment for future generations. In addition to the world-class expertise of our in-house research teams, NETL partners with exceptional talent across the nation to develop technologies that enable fossil fuels to efficiently and sustainably power our economy and support our energy security.