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Celebrating Women Leaders at NETL - Heidi Dahmer

Heidi Dahmer

Management and Program Analyst


While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene over 37 years ago, Heidi Dahmer’s career with DOE began as a student program clerical position at METC (now NETL).

During all these changes, Dahmer proved her strength is adaptability as she worked full-time as a staff assistant and part-time as a registered dental hygienist. She later became a full-time safety and occupational health specialist at NETL while pursuing her master’s degree.

Dahmer said she mostly accepted her job at NETL because it was full-time with benefits. At the time, it was difficult to find a dental hygiene job in the area that was full-time with benefits. Even though this was a large factor for Dahmer to accept the position, she is very glad she did as she is very proud of the work she has accomplished.

Today, Dahmer serves as a management and program analyst in the Facility Operations ES&H and Emergency Management Directorate. In this position, she provides business and administrative advisement to facility operations associate directors, site managers and staff to improve efficiencies and effectiveness within the Facility Operations organization.

In addition, Dahmer develops and implements business operations to track and report metrics, serves as program manager for overarching programs, such as independent system operators (ISO), integrated safety management and risk management programs within the core competencies of Facility Operations. Lastly, she provides professional consultation to internal and external stakeholders.

When she isn’t working, Dahmer enjoys spending time with her family, riding horses and sewing.

Women’s History Month reminds Dahmer to think about the progress that women have made over the years in society.

“It is about honoring and remembering all the women who came before me to pave the path for a bright future, and it gives an opportunity to be a productive member of society,” Dahmer explained.

Heidi Dahmer

Heidi Dahmer

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