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Blockchain for Optimized Security and Energy Management (BLOSEM)

Blosem LogoBLOSEM is a multi-lab collaboration, established to develop energy-sector guidance, standardized metrics, and testing environments for technology maturation of novel blockchain-based concepts for device security, secure communications, and grid resilience.


  • Create a multi-lab, unified testing platform (BLOSEM) that has interoperability to support a wide variety of blockchains. This testing environment will be representative of the modern grid of the future by encompassing generation, transmission, distribution, and end user (edge) for the electric grid.
  • Identify and demonstrate specific use cases that leverage inherent features of blockchain and ledger-based technologies to prevent, detect, and mitigate cyber-attacks.
  • Accelerate the pipeline of validated cyber-physical security concepts from laboratory to utility sector, de-risking through standardized metrics and testing.

Value Proposition

  • First ever blockchain-based cybersecurity testing environment that features end-to-end integration, including generation (inclusive to all sources), transmission, and distribution
  • Secure coordination of distribution-level assets to track and provide bulk services
  • Novel, systems-based approach to evaluating blockchain-based applications by creating tangible metrics and guidance for performance benchmarks
  • Creation of a longstanding, foundational reference architecture for grid cybersecurity illustrating how blockchain can be used in a meaningful way


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Project Information

BLOSEM Project Flyer    BLOSEM Unified Testing Platform Flyer

BLOSEM Supply Chain Use Case Flyer    BLOSEM DER Use Case Flyer

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Sydni Credle, (NETL, Co-PI)
Tony Markel, (NREL, Co-PI)