Development of Cost Effective Oxy-Combustion Technology for Retrofitting Coal-Fired Boilers
Babcock & Wilcox Company
Project Number: FC26-06NT42747

  Schematic for typical oxy-combustion process.

Schematic for typical oxy-combustion process.


To further develop the oxy-combustion technology for commercial retrofit in existing wall-fired and cyclone boilers by 2012, Babcock & Wilcox Company will conduct this two-phase research project that includes pilot-scale testing and a full-scale engineering and economic analysis. The test facility will be modified to a wall-fired configuration and a cyclone configuration to determine the performance of the oxy-combustion process for the respective boiler configurations.

Phase I will evaluate the effect of coal rank used in existing oxy-combustion boilers; determine equipment requirements for the boiler island; investigate the potential for multi-pollutant reduction; and validate an existing 3-D computational flow, heat transfer, and combustion model for scale-up to a commercial size boiler.

Phase II will conduct an engineering and economic assessment of the technology for commercial-scale retrofit application; assess carbon dioxide (CO2) control cost reductions via the integration of air separation unit (ASU), flue gas purification, CO2 compression train, CO2 transportation, and sequestration; evaluate the impact of oxy-combustion implementation on net power production and cost of electricity; and determine the boiler population with close proximity between stationary CO2 sources and their respective geologic sinks.

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