Advanced Combustion

OTM-Based Oxycombustion for CO2 Recovery
Praxair, Inc.
Project Number: FC26-01NT41147 & FC26-07NT43088

Praxair Advanced Boiler.
Praxair Advanced Boiler.

Praxair, Inc. will conduct two projects to develop and demonstrate the integration of a novel, ceramic oxygen transport membrane (OTM) with the combustion process to enhance boiler efficiency. The economics of oxy-combustion processes are currently limited by the parasitic power required for oxygen (O2) production using cryogenic air separation units (ASU). OTMs can be integrated such that there is minimal need for air compression and the parasitic power consumption required for O2 production is reduced by 70 to 80 percent as compared to a cryogenic ASU.

Praxair will design, construct, and operate a bench-scale OTM at the University of Utah to evaluate performance in a coal-based power system, conduct manufacturing process development at their OTM pilot manufacturing facility, and evaluate OTM performance improvements in single- and multi-tube OTM reactors. These reactors will be based on initial analysis that will identify the optimal design for the most promising OTM materials for a laboratory-scale boiler simulator.

Integration of OTM technology to support oxy-combustion will significantly reduce the complexity of CO2 capture by providing a highly-concentrated, sequestration-ready stream of CO2 without costly cryogenic ASU operation. This technology will result in a much lower volume of flue gas and, therefore, higher thermal efficiency, lower cost of electricity, and lower emissions compared to conventional systems.

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