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QUEST: Project Information

NETL Announces Two Quantum for Energy Systems and Technologies (QUEST) Projects

Harnessing Quantum Information Science for Enhancing Sensors in Harsh Fossil Energy Environments: The University of California (Riverside, CA) plans to utilize real-time quantum dynamics simulations and quantum optimal control algorithms to enable new sensing modalities for the extremely sensitive monitoring (i.e., below classical measurement limits) of critical operating parameters of fossil energy infrastructures in harsh environments.

Ultra-Low Disorder Graphene Quantum Dot-Based Spin Qubits for Cyber Secure Fossil Energy Infrastructure: The University of Texas at El Paso (El Paso, TX) plans to develop a novel graphene quantum dot (GQD) fabrication technique by combining two novel techniques—nanotomy and oxidation lithography—to define GQDs with ultra-low disorder and investigate their applicability and superiority as qubits for use in cyber-resilient energy infrastructure.

View the official announcement here.


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