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2018 Annual Report

Cover for the 2018 Annual Report

Every year, NETL compiles its most notable accomplishments in an annual report to the people of our nation so that they can learn more about the work we do to enhance the nation’s energy foundation and protect the environment for future generations. Dedicated NETL researchers in Albany, Oregon; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Morgantown, West Virginia remain engaged in work that produces energy-related innovations that will or already touch the lives of millions of Americans. For example, NETL developed:

  • New alloys for cleaner, more efficient coal-fired power facilities that can lower power bills.
  • Better ways to capture carbon from industry to create more value-added products.
  • Technologies to help create new jobs, products and markets for coal. 
  • New ways to recover valuable rare earth elements from coal byproducts and acid mine drainage to expand U.S. industries.
  • Big data and machine learning to unlock even more of our nation’s unconventional oil and natural gas resources and much more.

NETL-led projects have spearheaded innovations at sea in searches for methane hydrate fields; in the Pennsylvania countryside to monitor and ensure the safe operation of oil and gas rigs with new sophisticated sensors; in a world-class supercomputer facility where researchers use simulations to innovate cleaner and safer ways to harvest energy; in the Gulf of Mexico to safely reach difficult oil and gas resources; in the Texas hills to recover greater volumes of oil from fields once thought depleted; and in other locations across America.
I firmly believe that NETL’s work has become, through decades of accomplishment and progress, a reliable and trusted element in American life — a source of pride and a symbol of hope and ingenuity for keeping the nation strong and economically vital. 
I hope you enjoy reading about the NETL accomplishments that appear in this report and gain a clearer understanding of the work we do for America’s energy future.

Brian J. Anderson, Ph. D.
Director, NETL

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