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Stakeholder Workshop for Advanced Sensing In Fossil Energy Applications


Stakeholder Workshop for Advanced Sensing In Fossil Energy Applications 
May 8-9, 2010

Table of Contents



  • Introduction and Opening Remarks 
    Robert RomanoskyNational Energy Technology Laboratory
  • U.S. DOE Office of Fossil Energy Overview
    Regis Conrad, Advanced Research Program Manager

Roundtable Discussion 
The workshop was broken into three sessions to focus on getting participant feedback on several topics of interest. The summary notes are available at this the following hyperlink:Sensing Workshop Summary Notes

  • Session 1 –
    • What sensor technologies or measurement needs are missing from consideration for development?
    • What should be considered in the basis for prioritizing technology development?
    • What additions or adjustments can be made to technology development timelines considering NETL’s development plans and work by others?
  • Session 2 –
    • What novel materials, technologies or concepts can the AR S&C program consider pursuing to establish feasibility and potential breakthrough technologies?
    • What enabling technologies are missing or underdeveloped that are key for the employing emerging sensor technologies?
    • What role does modeling and computational sciences have in sensor placement?
  • Session 3 –
    • What enabling technologies are missing or underdeveloped for implementing advanced sensing in industrial power plant environments?
    • What efforts are needed to support early adoption of advanced sensor technology?
    • What is needed to foster success for sensor developers to move beyond prototypes?

Closing Remarks 
Robert Romanosky and Susan Maley, National Energy Technology Laboratory



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