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The Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (CarbonSAFE) Initiative projects focus on development of geologic storage sites for the storage of 50+ million metric tons (MMT) of carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial sources. CarbonSAFE projects will improve understanding of project screening, site selection, characterization, and baseline monitoring, verification, accounting (MVA), and assessment procedures, as well as the information necessary to submit appropriate permits and design injection and monitoring strategies for commercial-scale projects. These efforts will contribute to the development of 50+ MMT storage sites in anticipation of injection by 2026.

Current research involves onshore field projects carried out through the CarbonSAFE Initiative. Integrated carbon capture and storage (CCS) Pre-Feasibility studies are focused on the initial phase of development of a 50+ MMT-scale CO2 storage site. Research activities include: (1) the formation of a team capable of addressing technical and non-technical challenges specific to a CO2 storage project of this scale; (2) the development of a plan that encompasses technical requirements, economic feasibility, and public acceptance of an eventual storage project; and (3) high-level technical evaluations of the sub-basin and potential CO2 source(s). 

storage complex Feasibility studies, which have already completed the Pre-Feasibility evaluation, are also underway. Focusing on one or multiple specific reservoirs within the defined storage complex, these studies comprise efforts in data collection; geologic analysis; identification of contractual and regulatory requirements and development of plans to satisfy them; subsurface modeling to support geologic characterization, risk assessment, and monitoring; and public outreach. 

Future research involves the potential acquisition, analyses, and development of information characterizing a storage complex capable of storing 50+ MMT of CO2. Future research may also potentially involve the qualification of storage site(s) for commercial development, followed by drilling of injection and monitoring wells, conducting baseline geologic analyses, updating models, and implementing risk management and mitigation plans.

NETL-Supported CarbonSAFE Projects Research

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) currently supports projects in the Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility phases of the CarbonSAFE Initiative. These projects are listed below::

CarbonSAFE Map
  Pre-Feasibility Project Title Project Number
1 Nebraska Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Pre-Feasibility Study FE0029186
2 Integrated Pre-Feasibility Study for CO2 Geological Storage In The Cascadia Basin, Offshore Washington State And British Columbia FE0029219
3 Integrated Mid-Continent Stacked Carbon Storage Hub FE0029264
4 Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage in The Louisiana Chemical Corridor FE0029274
5 Northern Michigan Basin CarbonSAFE Integrated Pre-Feasibility Project FE0029276
6 CarbonSAFE Rocky Mountain Phase I: Ensuring Safe Subsurface Storage Of Carbon Dioxide In The Intermountain West FE0029280
7 Integrated Pre-Feasibility Study of A Commercial-Scale Commercial Carbon Capture Project In Formations Of The Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming FE0029302
8 Integrated Commercial Carbon Capture and Storage Prefeasibility Study At Dry Fork Station, Wyoming FE0029375
9 CarbonSAFE Illinois East Sub-Basin FE0029445
10 CAB-CS: Central Appalachian Basin CarbonSAFE Integrated Pre-Feasibility Project FE0029466
11 Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage in Kansas FE0029474
12 Integrated CCS Pre-Feasibility in The Northwest Gulf Of Mexico FE0029487
13 California CO2 Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (C2SAFE) FE0029489
  Feasibility Project Title Project Number
14 CarbonSAFE Illinois Macon County FE0029381
15 Establishing An Early Carbon Dioxide Storage (ECO2s) Complex In Kemper County, Mississippi: Project ECO2S FE0029465
16 North Dakota Integrated Carbon Storage Complex Feasibility Study FE0029488
17 Wabash CarbonSAFE FE0031626
18 Integrated Midcontinent Stacked Carbon Storage Hub FE0031623
19 Commercial-Scale Carbon Storage Complex Feasibility Study of Dry Fork Station, Wyoming FE0031624
CarbonSAFE Inforgraphic thumbnail
Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (CarbonSAFE) Infographic
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Photograph from Southern States Energy Board’s ECO2S Project as part of the CarbonSAFE Initiative
Photograph from Southern States Energy Board’s ECO2S Project as part of the CarbonSAFE Initiative