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Coal Beneficiation Projects

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Recently Selected Projects

The Novel Charfuel® Coal Refining Process 18 TPD Pilot Plant Project for Co-Producing an Upgraded Coal Product and Commercially Valuable Co-Products – CarbonFuels LLC (Denver, CO) aims to employ the novel Charfuel® Coal Refining Process at its existing, permitted pilot plant to produce an upgraded coal product and a number of organic and inorganic coproducts in order to produce engineering and product data that will then be used to design a commercial-scale integrated facility.

DOE Funding: $2,000,000; Non-DOE Funding: $1,180,519; Total Value: $3,180,519

Pilot-Scale Testing of the Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Separation Process to Produce Value-Added Products from Waste Coal – The Minerals Refining Company (Richmond, VA) plans to demonstrate the technical, economic, and environmental benefits of the hydrophobic-hydrophilic separation process for producing high-purity, value-added clean coal and specialty carbon products from discarded coal wastes. The project will provide thorough analyses to identify pathways for promoting commercial acceptance.

DOE Funding: $2,000,000; Non-DOE Funding: $500,000; Total Value: $2,500,000

U.S. Coal to Conductive Inks - Minus 100 LLC (Clarks Summit, PA), in collaboration with existing graphite manufacturers and ink formulators, plans to develop new or improved processes, pigments and pastes for use in manufacturing a variety of conductive ink products using coal as a primary feedstock. It is estimated that the unit cost of these coal-based materials will be a least 50% less than silver-based conductive inks, thus providing a significant advantage to penetrate these markets. 

DOE Funding: $224,813; Non-DOE Funding: $0; Total Value: $224,813

Coal Core Composites for Low Cost, Light Weight, Fire Resistant Panels and Roofing Materials - Semplastics Semplastics EHC LLC (Oviedo, FL) has developed a novel coal-core composite (CCC) material that offers a promising application for creating highly durable, lightweight, affordable roofing tiles. The proposed roofing tiles not only provide a high- volume outlet for coal, but also provide an American-made option for ceramic tiles.

DOE Funding: $224,880; Non-DOE Funding: $0; Total Value: $224,880

High Value Carbon Products from Domestic Coal – ATS-MER, LLC (Tucson, AZ) plans to use coal tar pitch (CTP) as a feedstock to produce graphite for lithium ion battery anodes. The CTP can produce a graphitic particulate with enhanced lithium capacity in battery anodes, used as a binder to make carbon-carbon composite anodes or as a silicon particle fluid bed that enhances battery anode performance.

DOE Funding: $224,997; Non-DOE Funding: $0; Total Value: $224,997

Efficient Process for the Production of High Conductivity, Carbon-Rich Materials from Coal – Physical Sciences Inc. (Andover, MA) aims to use technology that builds upon pre-existing coal structures using a two-step process that generates carbonaceous materials with key structural attributes for high conductivity under mild conditions. The process provides produces a high value carbon product for electrochemical applications and generates valuable byproducts such as minerals and low emission gaseous fuels.

DOE Funding: $224,985; Non-DOE Funding: $0; Total Value: $224,985

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