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In this field work proposal, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will support Acumentrics’ Office of Fossil Energy project DE-FE0023478, titled “Advanced Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Quality Control and the Role of Manufacturing Defects on Stack Reliability.” NREL will develop techniques and devices to map defects and non-uniformities in various solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) configurations and sub-assemblies. NREL will assist Acumentrics in studying the effects that a variety of cell defects have on cell and stack performance and lifetime and will lay the groundwork for future implementation of these techniques for manufacturing quality control systems to improve SOFC stack reliability.


Rapid, non-contact inspection techniques will yield more reliable systems
Principal Investigator
Neil Fernandes
Project Benefits

NREL’s contribution to the Acumentrics project should decrease life cycle cost by improving stack mean time to failure and by identifying and rejecting defective cells before assembly. Production cost will be reduced by using advanced quality-control concepts, high-throughput machine-vision based instruments for automatic quality control, and rejecting cells only if their imperfections are known to be correlated with increased degradation or performance loss.


Project ID
National Renewable Energy Laboratory