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SSAE Newsletter
January Edition of the SSAE Newsletter Released

The January 2022 edition of the SSAE Newsletter provides updates about recent research initiatives undertaken within NETL’s Strategic Systems Analysis and Engineering (SSAE) directorate.

Click here to access this latest edition and learn about activities that SSAE is leading to gain insights into new energy concepts, support the analysis of energy system interactions and advance its capabilities.

Highlights in this edition include:

  • NETL and collaborators within the Institute for the Design of Advanced Energy Systems prototyped a new optimization tool for analyzing the flexibility of integrated energy system designs.
  • A new version of FOQUS software, part of the Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative Toolset, was released by the Carbon Capture Simulation for Industry Impact team. The release improves NETL’s capabilities in advancing carbon capture technologies through technology readiness levels.
  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will present opportunities and challenges for SSAE. SSAE is already seeing increased demand for its expertise as momentum continues to build for the energy and climate transition worldwide.
  • NETL relies on SSAE’s Energy Markets Analysis Team to provide economic, market and regulatory analysis to guide, evaluate and justify research, development and demonstration (RD&D) programs and perform other activities that support NETL’s core RD&D mission.

In addition, the newsletter lists upcoming conferences, meetings and events at which SSAE researchers will present findings, as well as links to recent presentations.

Click here to access an archive of previous editions of the SSAE Newsletter.