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NETL Critical Minerals Research Presented at Regional Meeting

NETL researcher Mengling Stuckman, Ph.D., will present some of the Lab’s recent critical minerals (CM) recovery research at the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association (PIOGA) Water and Waste Management meeting Wednesday, Aug. 18, in Wexford, Pennsylvania.

Stuckman will highlight NETL efforts to perform advanced geochemical characterization of U.S. energy production waste streams to support sustainable, domestic CM recovery.

The United States satisfies much of its annual CM consumption by importing these materials, which are used in the manufacture of high-tech devices, national defense applications and green growth-related industries. By creating a sustainable domestic CM supply chain, the nation could reduce its risk of supply disruption for essential domestic and military industries, while producing needed materials for the emerging clean energy technology market.

Stuckman is an environmental scientist and geochemist with 15 years of experience, eight of which have been with NETL, providing interdisciplinary scientific insights and eco-friendly cost-saving solutions to the emerging problems impacting the sustainability of energy and environmental systems.

Learn more about the meeting, including how to register here.

NETL is a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory that drives innovation and delivers technological solutions for an environmentally sustainable and prosperous energy future. By leveraging its world-class talent and research facilities, NETL is ensuring affordable, abundant and reliable energy that drives a robust economy and national security, while developing technologies to manage carbon across the full life cycle, enabling environmental sustainability for all Americans.