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 Check out the SSAE Newsletter to learn how researchers in #NETL’s Strategic Systems Analysis and Engineering directorate are optimizing technologies to reduce #carbondioxide levels in the atmosphere and advance #newenergy concepts.
Latest Edition of the SSAE Newsletter Released

The July 2021 edition of the SSAE Newsletter is filled with updates on the latest research activities undertaken by researchers within NETL’s Strategic Systems Analysis and Engineering (SSAE) directorate. Click here for updates about various SSAE initiatives that are providing the decision science and analysis capabilities necessary to evaluate complex energy systems.

Some of the few important SSAE research accomplishments highlighted in the July edition include:

•    Efforts undertaken by experts such as Ray Boswell to enhance NETL’s standing as a global leader in gas hydrate science.

•    A recap of important research presentations made by NETL researchers at Turbo Expo 2021.

•    Information about a techno-economic analysis to ensure that researchers advancing direct air capture innovations to pull carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere are pursuing optimal routes for success.

The edition also features information about the use of SSAE expertise to support successful carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) systems and technology, and SSAE projects to enable the U.S. to transition to less carbon-intensive power generation using renewable energy such as wind and solar power.

In addition, the newsletter provides a robust list of upcoming conferences, meetings and events at which SSAE researchers will present their findings and discuss energy concepts.