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Water Energy nexus
NETL’s Water-Energy Nexus Newsletter: Your Guide to Water Conservation Initiatives

The spring 2021 edition of the Water Energy Nexus Newsletter is filled with updates concerning NETL’s ongoing water-energy research and related activities.

The newsletter highlights the NETL Senior Fellow for Strategic Systems Analysis and Engineering and provides an overview of ProteusLib, a new, open-source library of water-specific models being created as part of the AMO-funded National Alliance for Water Innovation in coordination with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Another feature outlines NETL engagement with the Southwestern Pennsylvanian Commission’s Water Resource Center.  The commission provides technical assistance and educational resources for water resource conservation while serving as a regional information clearinghouse for water-related issues. Furthermore, the commission has expressed significant interest in the lab’s research on recovering rare earth elements and critical minerals from acid mine drainage.

This edition also provides an overview of projects from DOE’s Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage R&D program, as well as the new Emissions Control Program.  These programs directly address water-energy issues, to include the following: the recovery of water during the capture of CO2 from industrial sources and the atmosphere; and management of aqueous discharges from coal ash impoundments.

Additionally, the newsletter highlights the recent accomplishments of Dr. Djuna Gulliver, an environmental engineering researcher on NETL’s Geochemistry team. Gulliver’s research focuses on microbiology of water as it relates to energy and energy waste streams.

Lastly, the newsletter provides useful information on upcoming conferences and events for water-related issues.  This includes the virtual 2021 World Environment & Water Resources Congress in June; the American Water Resources Association’s 2021 Virtual Summer Conference in July; and the in-person national Water Expo, which is scheduled in Miami in August.

Check out the new edition of Water Energy Nexus Newsletter today!