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A Full Offering of Sessions Scheduled for Next Week

Don’t miss out on next week’s DOE-NETL 2020 Virtual Integrated Project Review Meeting. It’s your opportunity to discover how the nation’s leading scientists and researchers are making advancements in transformative power generation to use fossil fuels in innovation ways to produce reliable and cleaner electricity.

The week also will feature an alloy development and life prediction panel discussion. Topics include superalloys and heat resistant alloys designed to perform under extreme conditions in highly efficient fossil energy plants.

The final event of the week is a panel discussion on strategies to improve performance of condensers in power plants through technologies that promote efficient heat transfer and improved condenser performance and durability.

Session titles and dates are:

Select the link for the session to access agendas, online registration and WebEx instructions. For more information about the 2020 Virtual Integrated Project Review Meeting, visit the NETL website or review the comprehensive schedule.