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September 15
Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals, Water Management on Tap for Discussion

Technologies to extract rare earth elements (REEs) and critical minerals (CMs) from coal and coal-based resources will be among the topics discussed at next week’s DOE-NETL 2020 Virtual Integrated Project Review Meeting.

Researchers from the nation’s top research universities and the U.S. Department of Energy’s national laboratories will discuss advances in extraction and separation technologies to ensure a domestic supply of REEs and CMs, which are needed to manufacture high technology products, such as catalysts, cell phones, computer hard drives, hybrid engines, lasers, magnets, batteries, medical devices, televisions and other applications.

The week will conclude with a panel discussion about innovative technologies to treat wastewater from coal-fired power plants and other power systems. Many of the nation’s experts in this field will participate.
Session titles and dates are:

Select the link for the session to access agendas, online registration and WebEx instructions. For more information about the 2020 Virtual Integrated Project Review Meeting, visit the NETL website or review the comprehensive schedule.