NETL Direct Air Capture (DAC) Center

Facility Overview

Affordable, accessible, high-quality performance testing.

DAC Center

The DAC Center features support for experimental system design, installation, experiment execution, and results interpretation.

DAC Facility Layout

Testing Now!

$25 Million Facility

2+ Decades of Experience

TLR 3-6

Convenient and Accessible

NETL’s Direct Air Capture Center is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an established hub for technology development. It is near a major international airport and nestled within key NETL infrastructure.

Planning your Visit

GPS Coordinates: 40.300521, -79.977682
R&D Gate GPS: 40.305078, -79.974987

Directions from Pittsburgh International Airport to NETL Pittsburgh Site

NETL Pittsburgh
NETL Pittsburgh

Interested in Collaborating?

Learn how NETL’s DAC Center can help you advance innovative technologies in direct air capture that are technically and economically viable.