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Geologic Storage Technologies & Simulation & Risk Assessment

The Carbon Storage Program’s Geologic Storage and Simulation and Risk Assessment (GSRA) Technology Area supports research to develop technologies that can improve containment and injection operations, increase reservoir storage efficiency, and prevent and mitigate unwanted migration of CO2 in all types of storage formations. Research conducted in the near and long term will augment existing technologies to ensure permanent storage of CO2 for the emerging CO2 storage industry.

Scientific understanding of fluid flow and geomechanical and geochemical processes relies upon laboratory and field studies to provide input parameters and modification to computer simulators. Simulation is a critical step in the systematic development of a geologic CO2 storage project monitoring program because it allows accurate understanding of a storage system. This understanding helps determine the appropriate methods and technologies needed to monitor a storage project to insure it is performing as expected by predictive models. 
Risk assessment is used to identify and mitigate potential risks and is being developed for CO2 geologic storage. Assessments are often performed during the early stages of a storage project to facilitate site selection, communicate project goals and procedures to the public, and aid regulators in permitting the project. Extensive databases of features, events, and processes are being developed in order to facilitate identification of site- and project-specific risks. Various tools have been developed to qualitatively or quantitatively evaluate the likelihood and consequence of risk scenarios.

The program supports research that will improve the nation’s scientific understanding in the six key technologies outlined below:



Wellbore Technologies
Mitigation Technologies
Fluid Flow, Pressure and Brine Management
Geomechanical Impacts
Geochemical Impacts
Risk Assessment

Each key technology for GSRA has specific research pathways. More information on each key technology research pathway can be obtained by clicking on the hyperlinks above. The timeline for the development of technologies for each research pathway begins with applied research that leads to system integration and small-scale testing, and culminates with large-scale testing.