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Advanced Combustion Turbines

R&D in Advanced Combustion Turbines is focused on components and combustion systems for advanced gas turbines in combined cycle operation that can achieve greater than 65% combined cycle efficiency (LHV, natural gas benchmark) and support load following capabilities to meet the demand of a modern grid. To achieve this target, emphasis will be placed on advanced turbine combustors that are fueled with natural gas, hydrogen, and syngas that can achieve higher firing temperatures (3,100°F).

Component R&D is being conducted that will allow higher turbine inlet temperatures, manage cooling requirements and other options for protecting downstream components (such as through thermal barrier coatings), minimize leakage, advance compressor and expander aerodynamics, advance the performance of high temperature load following combustion systems with low emissions of criteria pollutants including oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and overall lead to improved efficiency of gas turbines in combined cycle applications. Projects in this topic area include research on ceramic matrix composite (CMC) components, advanced sensors, novel design techniques for improved performance, enabling lower NOX emissions, and achieving higher levels of hydrogen in the input fuel.