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STEM Videos

NETL creates short, lively videos on STEM-related topics for kids to enjoy on their own, for parents to share with their children, and for educators to show to their classes. Our most recent videos are shown below. Please take a look! Then keep checking back, because we’re always thinking up new ways to share the awesomeness of science.


FergusonSTEM CAREERS: Meet Don Ferguson, a research engineer at NETL with a lifelong passion for learning how things work. Born just after the moon landing in 1969, Don was inspired to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering. Today, he’s studying thermodynamics and turbine engines for power generation. He’s also an NETL STEM Ambassador, who shares his enthusiasm for how things work with kids. Watch here!




VerbaSTEM CAREERS: NETL Researcher Circe Verba was just 14 years old when she took an earth science class that began her STEM journey. Check out this spotlight video to see how this Lego buff became a research geologist at NETL. Watch here!





HackettSTEM CAREERS: Meet Greg Hackett, an NETL Technical Portfolio Lead whose 4th grade water experiment began his science journey that led to a career in solid oxide fuel cell research. Learn more here! Watch here!





 ThomasSTEM CAREERS:  Check out this Spotlight a Scientist video featuring Burt Thomas to learn how a first look at the Rocky Mountains led to a career in research geology. Learn more here! Watch here!





 RanjaniSTEM CAREERS: What does senior research scientist Ranjani Siriwardane do? Growing up and attending university in Sri Lanka, Ranjani always knew she wanted a career in science and math. Now with 22 patents and three R&D 100 awards to her name, Ranjani’s work at NETL is making a real-world impact. Learn more here!





 BuricSTEM CAREERS: What does electrical engineer Michael Buric do? – NETL researcher Michael Buric has always loved experimenting. By the age of 11, he had already built himself a 250,000 volt Tesla coil. In this video, Mike explains how he harnessed his passion and applies it to energy research. Watch here!





 BauerSTEM CAREERS: What does geo-data scientist Jennifer Bauer do? After earning her undergraduate degree in marine biology, Jennifer found herself building skills in data collection, data processing and mapping. Today, Jennifer uses these techniques as part of NETL’s geo-data science team to help with understanding the bigger picture in solving America’s energy challenges. Watch here!





 RoseSTEM CAREERS: What does geo-data scientist Kelly Rose do? – Kelly Rose began her geology journey with a rock collection when she was just 2 years old. Watch the latest in our STEM careers video series to learn how Kelly went from pocketing rocks to leading cutting-edge geologic research at NETL.  Watch here!





 FerreiraSTEM CAREERS: What does chief information officer Antonio Ferreira do? – Ever hear of “greedy mind syndrome”? NETL’s chief information officer, Antonio Ferreira, has it! Watch the latest in our STEM careers video series to find out what that means and learn how Antonio’s education prepared him for his career. Watch here!





OhodnickSTEM CAREERS: What does material scientist Paul Ohodnicki do? – Work hard and love your work. That, says material scientist Paul Ohodnicki, is the key to success. It’s certainly working for Paul. He’s been collecting accolades from his former high school all the way to the White HouseWatch here!





 GulliverSTEM CAREERS: What does environmental engineer Djuna Gulliver do? – Meet Djuna Gulliver, an NETL environmental engineer who investigates the large impact of tiny things. In this video, Djuna discusses the fluid nature of science and what led her to this career.  Watch here!





 PekneySTEM CAREERS: What does environmental engineer Natalie Pekney do? – Environmental engineer Natalie Peckney says, “Don’t be intimidated! It’s not that hard to be a scientist if that’s what you really want to do.” View this video to find out how former farm girl Natalie ended up solving national energy and environmental problems at NETL. Watch here!





McintyreSTEM CAREERS: What does mechanical engineer Dustin McIntyre do? – What do Superman and NETL’s Dustin McIntyre have in common? They can both look inside rocks! Find out how by watching this video, which is part of our STEM Careers video series for middle school students. Watch here!




 HakalaSTEM CAREERS: What does geochemist Ale Hakala do? – A geochemist AND a champion snowboarder? Yep! That’s Ale Hakala, an NETL scientist who defies limits. Ale is the focus of a this video, which is part of our STEM Careers video series for middle school students. Watch here!





 9WaysNine Ways Kids Can Help the Environment – Everyone can help the environment – and it can be fun! This video, for elementary school students, showcases nine simple and engaging ways for kids to contribute. Watch here