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Crosscutting Research - Plant Optimization Technologies

Understanding Corrosion in Oxy-Fired Systems

Performer: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Project No: FWP-FEAA106

Project Description

This project will determine the temperature-dependent corrosion mechanisms of candidate high-temperature alloys and coatings in oxy-firing systems. Investigators will use thermo-chemical modeling results to identify the typical and extreme values of the levels of various gases expected to influence high-temperature corrosion behavior of oxy-fired plants. Interactions among the gaseous environments associated with oxy-firing and ash/slag deposits expected from the use of different coals will also be considered. Researchers will perform corrosion testing under realistic combustion gas and ash/slag conditions for materials representative of those expected to be used. Both commercial alloys and model alloy compositions will be evaluated to clearly understand the effect of composition on performance. Coating processes will be selected and samples prepared for environmental exposure and mechanical-environmental testing. A hightemperature creep rig is being constructed for evaluating creep properties in boiler-relevant environments. Researchers will use high-resolution analytical techniques (both pre- and post- corrosion testing) to characterize composition and structures of interest. The results of the testing will be compared to the current state of knowledge of materials corrosion in an air-based combustion environment. The initial testing will focus on ferritic-martensitic steels and model alloys with typical coating compositions. Austenitic steel and Ni-base alloy specimens will be included for reference.

Project Details