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Management of Water from CCS

Project No: FWP-49607

Project Description

ANL will evaluate formation water withdrawn in association with CCS in a manner similar to that of produced water from oil and gas wells and develop possible uses and applications. In oil and gas exploration, produced water includes saline water found in underground formations that is brought to the surface in association with oil and gas extraction. For the purpose of geologic sequestration of CO2, production of water is not necessary in many cases, but may be withdrawn from formations receiving injected CO2 in an attempt to increase available pore space and alleviate overall formation pressure. Examples of management options for produced water include reinjecting the water into another formation (with or without treatment), treating and discharging the water to a surface water body, evaporating the water, or treating and reusing the water for some other beneficial purpose. A large number of promising geologic sequestration formations identified in the United States and Canada are deep saline formations in which formation water, if withdrawn in association with CCS, is likely to be quite salty, thereby limiting the options that can be selected without first treating the water.

To determine if formation water can be used for additional applications, ANL will investigate industries or sectors that may be able to beneficially reuse water that is of lesser or different quality than drinking water. Each of the possible applications will be evaluated to determine the water quality required supporting them, the treatment options necessary, and the costs associated with each. ANL will also conduct a qualitative investigation into innovative ways of using some of the components contained in formation water, such as heat (geothermal energy) and chemical constituents (lithium or other uncommon elements).

Project Details