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Crosscutting Research - Plant Optimization Technologies

Intelligent Actuation Control Using Model Free Adaptive Control Technology

Performer: Cybosoft General Cybernation Group Inc

Project No: FG02-08ER84944

Project Description

The project will develop, and bring to production, an intelligent actuation control solution technology that will adapt to deal with changes in valve gain, time constant, delay time, nonlinearity, and other non-optimum behavior. The project will evaluate, simulate, and determine the feasibility of using MFA control technology to develop an intelligent control solution for valve positioning control capable of meeting stringent performance specifications and effectively handling large variations in valve behavior. The expected/ anticipated solution will also provide more robust and precise position control and remove potential valve oscillations irrespective of the variability of valve characteristics and operating conditions. The commercial products will be designed to enable easy integration with new and installed valves, dampers, and other actuation devices, thus offering a smooth transition and minimal operator training and maintenance.

Project Details