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Performer: Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC
Exploded View of Cassette - Detailed accounting of parts<br/>and materials that make up the cassette, or stack repeating unit.
Exploded View of Cassette - Detailed accounting of parts
and materials that make up the cassette, or stack repeating unit.
Website: Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC
Award Number: FE0011769
Project Duration: 10/01/2013 – 03/31/2015
Total Award Value: $6,375,034
DOE Share: $5,100,027
Performer Share: $1,275,007
Technology Area: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Key Technology: Atmospheric Systems
Location: Troy, Michigan

Project Description

The general focus of this Delphi project is the research and development of solid-oxide fuel cell (SOFC) cell, stack, and system technology. Specifically, Delphi will improve the performance, robustness, and reliability of their technology and systems while testing and evaluating pre-commercial systems in an environment simulating their entry into service product.

Project Benefits

This project focuses on developing cell, stack, and system technology with improved performance, durability, and reliability. Improved cell/stack life and performance will reduce operating cost and increase efficiency, resulting in reduction in the cost of electricity and reduction of CO2 emissions from the entire platform. Specifically, this project will confirm improvements through component tests, stack tests, and a thermally self-sustaining system test.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager Joseph Stoffa:
Portfolio Manager Shailesh Vora:
Principal Investigator Rick Kerr:


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