CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Gasification Systems

Liquid CO2 Slurry (LCO2) for Feeding Low Rank Coal (LRC) Gasifiers

Project No: FE0007977

Project Description

This project will exploit the availability of CO2 in a gasification power island for the benefit of IGCC-CCS integrated plants. EPRI will leverage the findings of laboratory tests to support the development and evaluation of mechanical engineering designs of LRC/LCO2 slurry preparation systems, which in turn will be used to develop higher resolution IGCC plant performance and cost models. The project aims to validate that LCO2 can achieve higher solid loading than water slurry, study the design criteria for a LCO2-coal slurry preparation/mixing system that is superior to conventional feed systems, and demonstrate potential plant thermal efficiency improvement over a water-coal slurry-based feed system.

Project Details