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Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

Carbon Absorber Retrofit Equipment (CARE)

Performer: Neumann Systems Group, Inc.

Project No: FE0007528

Project Description

Neumann Systems Group, Inc. (NSG), in collaboration with Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU), will conduct project CARE (Compact Absorber Retrofit Equipment) to design, construct, and test the NeuStream™-C, a patented absorber for CO2 capture. The focus of the CARE project is to show significant reductions in the process equipment footprint and cost of full-scale CO2 capture systems through the utilization of NeuStream absorber technology. The NeuStream-C absorber will use a proven nozzle technology and an advanced solvent that efficiently captures CO2. These technologies are key to demonstrating that the NeuStream-C absorber is scalable to an optimized full-scale system that can achieve 90 percent CO2 removal with less than 35 percent increase in the cost of electricity (COE). The CARE project benefits from significant technical, process, risk, and cost advantages realized during a recently completed 20 megawatt electric (MWe) NeuStream-S flue gas desulfurization pilot project at the CSU Drake #7 PC power plant. The reuse of pertinent equipment from the Neustream-S project is expected to result in considerable cost-savings for the CARE project.

The CARE project will proceed based on previous modeling and analysis validated by bench-scale tests and operations with a variety of solvents. A module of the NeuStream-C absorber technology using a unique patented, compact design and operating with a high mass transfer solvent will be inserted post-baghouse into a 0.5 MWe slipstream at the CSU Drake #7 power plant. The slipstream will be equipped with sulfur oxide (SOX) scrubbing and amine washing equipment previously utilized in the 20 MWe NeuStream-S slipstream system. The SOX scrubbing equipment uses compact modular NeuStream technology and can be adjusted to set SOX residual levels from one part per million (ppm) to 30 ppm prior to CO2 capture. The CARE project will employ a three-stage, 0.5 MWe NeuStream-C high performance unit and a best available technology CO2 stripper unit. Long duration testing with piperazine solvent will validate the technology performance. The modular design of the NeuStream-C absorber technology makes it readily scalable to full size systems and results in a decrease in overall construction time for the system.

Project Details