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South Louisiana Enhanced Oil Recovery/Sequestration Demonstration Project

Performer: Blackhorse Energy LLC

Project No: FE0006823

Project Description

Blackhorse Energy, LLC is evaluating the early Eocene-aged Wilcox formation located in
Livingston Parish, Louisiana. The Wilcox formation is a mature developed oil reservoir
(named the Livingston Reservoir) approximately 10,000 feet below ground surface. The
depositional environment for this formation is a beach/barrier nearshore marine bar
(Figure 1). The reservoir has been undergoing traditional secondary EOR techniques
(waterflooding) to increase oil production since 1987. This project will utilize tertiary

EOR techniques by injecting approximately 52,000 metric tons
of supercritical CO2 and CO2 foam into the formation. The foam
will be developed using a surfactant based additive that tends
to reduce the mobility of CO2 by creating a foam like structure
in-situ. This will both advance the oil recovery process, examine
and prove the suitability of South Louisiana geologic formations
for large-scale geologic storage of CO2.
This small-scale injection project will use remote time-lapse
monitoring to measure, track, and assess how effectively
overlying zones contain the injected CO2, determine the physical
and geochemical fate of CO2 in the reservoir, and refine the
storage resource estimate. Other MVA tools that will be used
to monitor the migration of injected CO2 include advanced
logging tools and fiber optic technology. Innovative injection
well design will test the ability of short-radius, horizontal
well technology to increase geologic storage of CO2 in the
reservoir by increasing the available injection length within the
reservoir. The monitoring and existing field production wells
will be leveraged for data gathering to further characterize
and understand the Wilcox depositional environment in south

Project Details