CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Coal and Coal/Biomass to Liquids

R&D to Prepare and Characterize Robust Coal/Biomass Mixtures for Direct Co-Feeding into Gasification

Performer: Gas Technology Institute

Project No: FE0005349

Program Background and Project Benefits

This Gas Technology Institute project will develop biomass from loblolly pine, to a densified coal-like product suitable for fuel in a CBLT process. The impact of this project will be to develop a cost-effective gasification-based CBTL process to produce renewable liquid fuels that will provide diversity of fuel supply and energy security while resulting in lower future capital and operating costs. Specifically, this project will deconstruct the lignocellulosic feedstock using hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) to produce samples for property testing; from the characteristic data, simulations will be conducted to perform techno-economic analysis to evaluate the viability of HTC for producing a new coal/HTC biomass fuel.

Project Details