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Environmental Considerations and Cooling Strategies for Vane Leading Edges in a Syngas Environment

Performer: University of North Dakota

Project No: FE0004588


UND accomplishments:

  • Completed stagnation region heat transfer measurements for both cylinders using the six existing turbulence conditions.
  • Designed and built a new smaller combustor simulator to generate turbulence intensities in excess of 20 percent. UND is currently documenting its turbulence characteristics.
  • Initiated work on developing two full coverage film cooling geometries including a 30-slot. Preliminary computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies have been conducted on the slot and discussions have been initiated with industry to help define the shaped hole geometry.
  • Initiated work on developing test surfaces for cylinder approach flow turbulence measurements and cylinder surface boundary layer measurements.

OSU accomplishments:

  • Conducted CFD studies of particle trajectories for faired cylinders.
  • Modified TuRFR rig to accommodate a range of leading edge cylinders.
  • Developed a dilution zone design in order to generate elevated turbulence levels.
  • Conducted computational modeling showing the influence of transpiration on surface deposition.
  • Conducted preliminary deposition tests on the impact of pressure surface film cooling on deposition.
  • Documented freestream turbulence levels with and without turbulence grid.
  • Documented increase in deposition rate with increasing turbulence level.
  • Designed and fabricated film slot into new nozzle guide vane test section.
  • Documented reduction in deposition with film cooling.

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