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Geologic Sequestration Site Characterization (GSSC) -

Recovery Act: Characterization of Pliocene and Miocene Formations in the Wilmington Graben, Offshore Los Angeles, for Large Scale Geologic Storage of CO2

Performer: Geomechanics Technologies, Inc.

Project No: FE0001922

Project Description

Terralog Technologies Inc. (Terralog) is working to characterize the Pliocene and Miocene sediments in the Wilmington Graben, offshore Los Angeles, CA, for high volume CO2 storage. These sediments are expected to span more than 5,000 ft of vertical interval, with estimated capacity to store more than 100 million metric tons of CO2.

The project extends for three phases, with the first phase devoted to completing a detailed review and interpretation of existing exploration well log data, 2-D and 3-D seismic data, and acquiring and analyzing new lines in current data gap areas. This information will be integrated into extensive existing geologic interpretations for adjacent onshore areas and fields to help characterize optimal areas for CO2 storage and seals to hold the CO2 in place. The effort will target the Pliocene Formation by drilling, coring, and testing one well in the northern Wilmington Graben area.

In the second phase of the project, Terralog will drill a second characterization well in the western Wilmington Graben area from an existing offshore platform. Integrated 3-D geologic and Geomechanical models for the Wilmington Graben will use populated grid data derived from lithologic properties to allow for additional quantification and analysis of storage targets and seals. A CO2 injection and migration model will also be developed and calibrated against well injectivity data to simulate long-term injection, CO2 migration and storage.

In the third phase of the project, a detailed engineering review and documentation of the top 20 CO2 emissions and sources in the LA Basin will be performed. Next, Terralog will complete a detailed engineering study and feasibility analysis on using existing and/or new pipelines in the LA Basin to transport CO2 from emitting sources to storage sites. This will include documentation of current and potential pipeline locations, engineering design, logistics, regulatory permitting issues, and cost estimates. A third characterization well will be installed on the landward side of the Wilmington Graben to expand the associated geologic and plume migration models, to reduce uncertainty and risk for long term storage, and to refine storage capacity estimates. Finally, a comprehensive risk assessment (including geologic uncertainty, potential well leakage paths and natural and induced seismicity) will be completed.

Project Details